September 15, 2017

“Beauty lies in the eye of viewer”. Where for some beauty means a good statics of 36″ 24″ 36″ while for some it means the purity of the heart. Every person has its own perspective. And this perception depends mainly on the way one think and act. And so here is my perspective of BEAUTY.


The Venus of her face,
entailed me in a race;
Lord’s cherished piece of art,
arrived and tickled my heart;

The charm in her gaze,
set me about to daze;
Emerged in me a desire,
spread in heart like fire;

The perfect curve on her lip,
made my core to slip;
That smile took my heart,
and poised me for the start;

The dulcet in her voice,
made my core to rejoice;
Confer with her gave me peace,
her fellowship became my avarice;

The fleecy hair brushed my cheek,
that spell looked like week;
State I wished should never end,
together forever we may stand;

The enticing sweet nature of her,
mesmerized me with her manner;
Her perception I began to admire,
and primed my heart for her to hire.



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