Dark Lamps

October 18, 2017


The evening I’m talking about was different from those usual twilight when mighty sun used to hide below the horizon and moon used to extend its arms to guide life, because that evening the moon was jealous of vibes from earth. Those glowing houses and dazzling streets were making moon feel inferior, those endless proclamation from peddler and sound of bursting crackers were defying the habitual silence. Those magnificently decorated and crowded streets were disagreeing to the stillness of night and the fragrance of excitement of Diwali in air was making the night lively. Those people holding hands and walking together were depicting the fun they were having mutually, that appetizing flavor of sweets was evident in their tongue, those wrapped gift boxes were conveying the love they were going to impart, those delightful laughter and the mesmerizing smile on their faces were imitating their ecstasy and the glow in their eyes was exhibiting the pleasure they were feeling. Everything was looking so damn perfect that no one tried to trace glitch.

Lamps which were meant to light up the world were then expressing their inability to light up her world.

Thus in the exuberance, people failed to recall that wherever there is light there exits some darkness, they ignored the reality that every angel is trailed by a demon and every truth is accompanied by a lie, they overlooked the fact that with immense pleasure there exists the chances of deep sorrow, they failed to understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience bliss, I confronted a harsh truth.

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I encountered an old woman in one corner of street with few lamps in her stall, counting few coins. Probably, she was in her late 50’s and her drained body revealing the spell she hasn't eat properly. Her tanned skin and exhausted face were reflecting how even after working for the whole day she won’t get a proper meal. Her wet eyes were narrating her shattered wishes and expectations. Her ragged clothes were yelling at the world that Diwali don’t bring happiness to everyone. And that grave look of her face, simply snatched my peace and thrashed my soul. I stood there cursing myself for being so ignorant. I cursed myself for wasting that food in restaurant the previous day for which she was working so hard. I cursed myself for wasting my earnings on those useless things for which she was sitting on street. I doomed my existence for wasting every single thing for which she was struggling. And she wasn't the only one to slap my conscience, there were several others who were going through the same pain with a hope in their heart that someone from us would step forward to bring them happiness.

And then suddenly everything changed. Those laughter and giggles of strangers passing by started screaming how selfish we people are. The shopping bags in their hands began reflecting how love has lost its meaning. The fragrance of sweets from sweet-shops was then revealing how cruel the world has turned out to be. Those lamps which were meant to light up the world were then expressing their inability to light up her world. That idol of goddess Lakshmi in front of her was screaming how meaningless its existence has become.


Further it enraged a fire in me to question the very existence of light. Light intended to kill darkness inside people and not just hiding darkness in its coat. Light to adorn hearts and not just for decorating homes. Light to enlighten mind and soul and not just illuminating those streets. Light to exhibit happiness and not to just suppress the pain under its shadow. Light to brighten up life and not just getting confined in those walls known as ego and selfishness.

Thus, taught me that Diwali isn’t just a festival of lights that we celebrate by cleaning and decorating our homes. It’s neither about distributing sweets nor about bursting crackers, but is all about something concerned with our inner self. It is about cleaning our heart from those ill feelings like ego and selfishness and adorning it with feelings like love and compassion. It is concerned with bursting out our egos and spreading joy. It is a festival that reminds us to keep the Rama within us alive so that the demon doesn’t return.

Therefore this Diwali, light up someone’s life and help them celebrate the fest and feel the satisfaction in blessings. Gift someone happiness and get solace in return. Burst out your vain pride and enjoy sparkles of bliss.






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