He was Raped

October 7, 2017


Many a times we ignore things because they don't seems important to us at that instant but later we realize how different the scenario would have been if we would have acted.

It was one of those winter night when me and my friend were returning back from office. The clock was indicating twenty past twelve and the bright white moon was lost somewhere in those big gloomy clouds. Fog covered up the courses and the freezing cold wind was chilling down our spines. We were continuously rubbing our palms together and exhaling smoke every time we opened our mouths. Sleep was evident in our eyes and our crawling feet were stating the tiresome day we had. The only thought wandering in our mind at that spell was to fall asleep and feel the peace that night was offering. So while conversing about some random stuffs and heading back to our home we came across a dark street.

dark night

It seemed as if satan was standing in one corner and would swallow us if we continued. Further those wrecked lamps, dreadful silence and the lifeless stillness made the lane more vulnerable. However we got ourselves going and soon discovered a girl walking just before us and probably she was also returning back from office. She noticed our presence and suddenly started walking apace. She looked afraid as if she encountered some demon. That made me feel a lot awkward but soon we too added pace and overtook her.I turned back to catch sight of her face but was taken aback by her reaction. It looked as if time just stopped and in that moment I saw a kind of peace in her eyes.

A truth that was denying the freedom we achieved in 1947

Peace that was screaming out loud how glad she was that we didn’t do anything to her; How glad she was of the fact that she won’t be the news in tomorrow’s newspaper which people would forget even before reading the next newspaper. Peace that was screaming how glad she was of the fact that there was no need for appealing to people for help because she knew that humanity has become deaf a long back; how glad she was of the fact that she didn’t become the reason of people’s anger that ascends so slowly and vanishes within while; how glad she was of the fact that she was not going to be topic of debate of some random news channel on which some random sexist old politician would question what she was doing there at that hour? Didn’t she know that a girl alone is like an open vault? How glad she was of the fact that she didn’t have to urge to people, that a girl alone is not like an open vault but yes she’s a jewel of shyness and reservedness that no one wishes to wear nowadays.

Her gladness raged a fire of shame within me which is probably not going to snuff out now. That moment I wished the sky to fall down or the ground to tear apart or that darkness to engulf me inside for ever and ever. That gladness in her eyes was the ultimate truth of this society. A truth that was denying the freedom we achieved in 1947. A truth that pierced through my eyes as if it was covered in black all these days and I’ve just seen light. A truth that I wished to kill with my own hand because that truth made whole of my life a lie.

So dear men out there don’t let this truth to spread around and then tear you apart. Make it certain that no other girl feel the same fear when she find herself alone with you. Make it certain that no other girl feel like screaming when she find you moving towards her. Make it certain that she perceive you as a man and not as a demon disguised as man. Because dear men, that feeling of shame will rip your soul and will hang you lifeless.

stop rape

Dear men out there don’t just ignore things. Don’t wait for a girl to be raped again to raise your voice. Don’t wait for a girl to lose her dreams and life to awake the men within you. Don’t wait for another mother to lose her daughter for you to take a stand. Don’t be so involved in your lives that you forget that even your mother, sister and wife are women and they too might feel the same fear someday. So Wake up now and take a stand to save humanity from dying and contribute in making this world a better place for them also.



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