One Last Chance

February 4, 2018

Often in our lifetime, it happens that we know what certain things matters to us but somehow we fail to express our emotions and as time slips we are left with nothing but a whim to own just one last chance. And believe me that longing is the worst feeling one can ever have.

It was dark all around and the lifeless silence was haunting the room, just some faint commotions from those tiny insects and the dreadful sound of his sobs. The stillness of the room was in contrast to the situation inside his heart. He was undoubtedly shattered and that pain was apparent in those tears oozing from his eyes and drying on their way down. The chocking voice and his body getting numb were the evidence that moving on is never easy.

10 years ago, she left him alone and since then he’s trying to move ahead in his life but the nostalgia of moments spent with her always makes him feeble. And he spend his nights missing the way she used to smile looking at him. The way she used to adorn him, those tender kisses and affectionate hugs. Those sharing everything sessions and delicious dinner. Those inspiring words from her whenever he felt lost and everything that was anyhow related to her.

She was aware that her absence would snatch out his soul and would make him anaesthetised.

He loved her and undoubtedly she adored him back and he knew that too. She even promised to be with him forever but left him abandoned. How could she do it to him? She knew very well that her departure would smash his heart and would make him plead for composure. She was aware that her absence would snatch out his soul and would make him anaesthetised. How could she be so ignorant? She was conscious that her withdrawal would make him question is very love for her and he would spend rest of his life regretting. But still she left. How could she be so cruel and ruthless? How could she ignore all his love and choose to depart?


Well, she wasn’t the one to be blamed. She wasn’t cruel or ruthless. She wasn’t ignorant to his love but the destiny was. 10 years ago- Cancer drained out the life from her mother and she was required to leave him and the world. All his efforts went in vain, prayers unanswered and medicines and treatment incapable to spare her life. And they were punished for no reason at all because such monstrous and merciless is this disease called cancer.

And now he aches for her. He yearn for her compassion. Grieve for those affectionate hugs and kisses and miss her presence in every corner of his house. He miss her laughter and spend his nights gazing at those photographs adorning the walls of his room and seeking composure in memories related to them.

However deep inside he long for one last chance to bring her back. One single possibility to pour life into her and pull out that merciless disease out of her body. He yearn for just one chance to tell her mother how much she means to him and how hard he tried to save her. For she wasn’t just her mother that cancer took away from him. She was his first friend, she was his first teacher, his first love and first everything.

Now being a cancer specialist he make it certain that no one shall lose their loved one to this monstrous disease. He assure that no one go through the pain he’s undergoing and tries his best to impart his services to each and every needy for free because nothing feels greater than furnishing someone’s life with happiness. 

So dear readers step ahead and contribute in someone's happiness.


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